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Clark Lake panorama_watermarked copy
Ram 10_watermarked copy erniecowan
April 17, 7pm Meeting at Wesley Palms. (2404 Loring in Pacific Beach)
Ernie Cowan
Title: “Seeing Your Angel” – Award-winning photographer and former Escondido mayor, Ernie Cowan, speaks about desert photography.
Ernie Cowan began his love affair with the desert as a young reporter for the Evening Tribune, covering Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. He’s captured thousands of images of the desert’s unique beauty, which have been used in state park brochures, greeting cards, and numerous publications including Desert Magazine, Western Outdoor News, and the North County Times. As a resident of Escondido, Cowan got involved in local politics and was elected to the City Council and served as Mayor. But he never lost touch with the desert and continued his photographic journey.
In the release of the new edition of Anza-Borrego: A Photographic Journey, Cowan captures the essence of this California state park through stunning images that impress the viewer with the sheer scope of size, moods, and seasonal variations found within Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. This is an arm-chair adventure into one of the nation’s finest desert parks that leaves one wanting more.
March 20, 7pm Meeting at Wesley Palms. (2404 Loring in Pacific Beach)
Kathleen Reeder presents “The Art of Wildlife Photography”The “art” of photography is about communicating the essence and spirit of wildlife (versus the “science” that is the nuts and bolts camera settings and technical tips). Mastering the art is important in wildlife photography because it’s how you share an animal’s heart and soul, and show your appreciation and love. It shows the viewer what it was like to be you in that moment; feeling the exhilaration and connection. Kathleen will present 10 key tips to master the art of wildlife photography.Kathleen Reeder is an internationally published, award-winning wildlife photographer, instructor and author. Her works reflect her personality: passionate, energetic, adventurous and focused. A sensitive eye and an intimate relationship with her subjects are the signatures of her work. She is an accomplished professional with an eager desire to share her knowledge with photographers of all skill levels.

She shares her secrets to photographing wildlife in her book Capturing the Moment, The Art & Science of Photographing Wild Animals.

Her marvelous work has occupied spaces in magazines, internet sites and other publications including NBC’s Today Show, National Geographic, New York Daily News, HELLO! Magazine, The Sun, Daily Telegraph News, Mail Online World News, Arizona Highways Magazine, Arizona Game and Fish Wildlife Views and Arizona Highways Photo Workshops.

“Those who attend my workshops all take away something to advance their wildlife photography. My workshop calendar is available on I also encourage you to purchase my book Capturing the Moment, The Art & Science of Photographing Wild Animals. It explains in simple, easy-to-follow steps how to capture incredible wildlife photos. It’s a great value and small enough to fit in your camera bag. It’s available at and at”

“Capturing the Moment, The Art & Science of Photographing Wild Animals” will be for sale at the meeting. An autographed copy is $20 before/after the meeting.

Untitled 3
We are sad to announce the passing of a long time Sierra Photo Club member, Everett Mehner.  Everett took charge of the membership and newsletter delivery for many years and was always available to cheerfully help out at events.  Please consider attending the memorial service and contributing to the charities below.
Everett Carl Mehner

March 10, 1928 – December 12, 2013

Age 85


Celebration of the life of Everett C. Mehner:

January 18, 2013 Saturday at 11:00 am

First United Methodist Church of San Diego

2111 Camino del Rio South

San Diego, California 92108

Reception following

In Lieu of Flowers please consider a donation in memory of Everett C. Mehner to these choices of non-profits:

San Diego River Park Foundation

PO Box 80126

San Diego, CA 92138

(619) 297-7380

San Diego Canyonlands

3552 Bancroft St

San Diego, CA 92104

(619) 284-9399


Don’t miss our next meeting !!
Blake Shaw, amazing bird and fine art photographer, presents January 16  7pm at Wesley Palms.  (more info below)
blake hazymountain blake yellowbird blakebananabird
Don’t miss our next meeting, January 16, 7pm at Wesley Palms. Blake Shaw, a local bird and fine are photographer presents. You will be amazed by Blake’s expertise and mastery of perspective, composition and lighting.

Bird Photography in Southern California and Beyond
Blake Shaw has spent many years traveling throughout Southern California looking for the best bird photography locations. He quickly discovered that many of the popular spots for birding are not necessarily the best spots for bird photography. Certain spots are more likely to consistently reward the photographer with “keepers.” Those spots are favorable in terms of access and proximity to the birds, numbers of birds, skittishness of the birds, lighting conditions, and scenic beauty.
Blake will share images from his favorite spots, stories behind the pictures, as well as tips for obtaining artistic and extraordinary bird photos. He will also share bird images from many trips throughout Baja California and the Yucatan.
If you have seen this presentation previously, this show will be updated with many new photographs and new locations.

Blake is a native San Diegan, a physician and photographer. He was an original member of the Ordover Project Photography Gallery in Solana Beach, and regularly displays his work throughout San Diego. A number of his works are on permanent display at the Route 66 Museum in Barstow, California. He has won numerous local and national photographic awards, including Best of Show at the Del Mar Fair, and his website was featured in Shutterbug Magazine. He is a regular workshop instructor at the Sierra Club Photography Section yearly retreats.
He has been actively photographing birds for the past five years, and is a contributor to Bird Watcher’s Digest, Living Bird Magazine, and the VIREO Avian Image Library at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University. Many of his images are found on the Audubon iPhone Mobile Field Guide.
His bird photography was featured in a solo shows at the Mission Trails Regional Park Visitor Center in 2009 and 2012, and six of his photos will be on display in a group show at the San Diego Natural History Museum in early 2014.
Blake’s latest work can be found at his blog:


Come to our next slideshow/lecture featuring STEVE ROSSMAN.
November 21, 2013. 7pm at Wesley Palms. 2404 Loring in Pacific Beach.
Steve Rossman is a professional photographer specializing in two unique niches: jewelry photography and trade show photography. His company, Steve Rossman Photo+Marketing, also provides website design/building and graphic design services.
Many of Rossman’s jewelry clients have had pieces published in books such as the “Lark 500” series, jewelry magazines and internationally distributed calendars such as Holly Gage’s “The Art of Metal Clay” Calendar.
He was official photographer for the 2011 Metal Clay World Conference in Chicago.
His trade show work takes him all over the United States, shooting exhibits for Fortune 500 clients, including Warner Bros, Caterpillar, TD Ameritrade and many others.
Rossman teaches Jewelry Photography for San Diego Continuing Education. He provides private instruction from his Escondido studio as well as instruction to groups including the Metal Arts Society of Southern California.
Rossman is a regular contributor to Metal Clay Today magazine, writing a continuing series on Jewelry Photography.
He studied with Ansel Adams in 1976 at Adam’s Yosemite Workshop.
Very early in his career, Rossman was published in American Photographer and
Modern Photography magazines as well as in the Scholastic magazine group.
October 17, 2013  7pm DAVID KING presents


at Wesley Palms 2404 Loring in Pacific Beach

This presentation will explore how Fine Art has come to be defined in the larger art world and then discuss how Photography fits into that view.  What is it that makes a work a piece of Fine Art and are there other types of art?  Are these definitions value-laden or simply labels of different approaches to the creation of some product ?  During the presentation, some sacred cows may be slaughtered and some serious thinking may be required but it is unlikely you will look at work, your of that of others, quite the same again.

David was initially trained in fine art  (painting, printmaking, and sculpture)  then transitioned to photography.  He was an award winning commercial photographer, instructional designer, and video producer from 1969 to 2000 when he accepted the offer of a teaching position for San Diego City College.  Now a full professor of photography at SDCC, he also judges at the Del Mar Fair,  the Orange County Fair and most recently for the “Best of Nature Photography” show at the Museum of Natural History.  He has been consulted for legal issues concerning digital photography and been invited on several discussion panels exploring the world of digital photography.


Next Meeting: Thursday, September 19. 7pm at Wesley Palms. 2404 Loring in Pacific Beach. This month’s presentation will feature the photography of our talented Sierra Photo Club members ! “Enhanced Member Share” allows folks to bring 20 images (or 30 if you’ve got a lot of good stuff) which will be made into an amazing slideshow. Comb through that hard drive and bring us your best Please check the Sierra Photo Club website for image size specs.

GroblSriLanka copy

Karl Grobl presents at the next Sierra Photo Club meeting

Thursday, August 15   7pm at Wesley Palms in Pacific Beach

Traveling to the far corners of the world to tell compelling picture stories, award-winning humanitarian photojournalist Karl Grobl reveals the human side of issues faced by people across the globe. His images highlight those basic human elements that comprise the fabric binding all cultures together in our rapidly homogenizing, yet sometimes divided, global community.

Peering well beyond the surface of unfolding stories, Karl’s photographs reveal the heart, and sometimes, heart-wrenching truth. His images offer viewers intimate glimpses into the lives of ordinary people worldwide, and provide us with the opportunity to reflect and understand their personal struggles and triumphs.

With a keen awareness and reverence for human dignity, Karl creates photographs that not only educate and motivate but also stir the viewers’ deep emotion.

Grobl specializes in humanitarian photojournalism, documenting relief efforts and development work of NGOs worldwide. His clients include World Vision, World Relief, World Emergency Relief, Freedom from Hunger, Catholic Relief Services, Family Health International, Pan American Development Foundation and many more.

Karl has worked for more than 85 different NGOs in over 50 countries, including Sudan, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Guinea, Peru, Bolivia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Haiti, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and Senegal, Indonesia, Afghanistan, and Sudan. Covering issues including conflict, post-conflict resolution and reconstruction, HIV/AIDS, prostitution, human trafficking, malaria, cholera, environmental degradation as well as micro-finance and education; Karl’s images have helped countless NGO’s illustrate their programs on Annual Reports, websites and in all sorts of communications.

“My goal is always to create high-impact, evocative images which not only inform, but also spark the desire to become involved… images that cause reflection upon and empathy with another human being’s struggle, all the while, respecting the dignity of those who appear in the photos. When successful, my imagery reveals a common humanity, allowing viewers to see a bit of themselves in other human beings, half a world away. Beyond just providing information… the images should motivate viewers to take action”.

Karl’s images have appeared in publications such as Newsweek, CNN, Geo, Town and Country magazine and The Chronicle of Philanthropy, but the largest majority of his photos appear in the annual reports, newsletters and communications materials of his humanitarian organization clients. Karl’s non-NGO work is represented by Zuma Press, the premier international editorial picture agency and wire service. His 2005 Haiti photo-story “City of God” was nominated for a World Press Photo Award.

Following the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami Karl spent more than a month embedded with five different non-governmental organizations documenting tsunami relief efforts in India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. One year later he returned to document the reconstruction. He has covered post conflict peacebuilding efforts in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and East Timor, HIV/Aids issues in Africa and Asia as well as Human trafficking in Cambodia and the Philippines.

In addition to his rigorous international travel schedule, Karl teaches photography workshops and leads international photography tours. He is a regular lecturer on photography and photojournalism and a long time member of the National Press Photographers Association. Karl is a member of the Advisory Counsel of Focus For Humanity, a non profit organization, who’s mission is to provide financial support, resources and training for professional and amateur photographers wishing to work with NGOs. He also works as a technical consultant for several photographic and photography-related technology companies and was featured in a world wide advertising campaign for SanDisk memory cards.

SCPSNewsJuly2013Join us this month on July 18 at Wesley Palms.  7pm.  Tom Blackman will be speaking and showing images from his travels to New Zealands’s South Island and the Subantartic Islands.SCPS NewsJune2013Good times this weekend at Photo Camp.  New members and long time members interacted to share photographic knowledge and practice their skills.  Thanks to all who helped out and to all those who signed up.  Camp Oliver was a really nice location. ActionFunandGames copy


Don’t miss our next meeting.  May 16, 7pm at Wesley Palms featuring Roy Toft, Wildlife Photographer.  SCPSNewsMay2013

Volunteers needed for programs, membership & outings organizers.  Do your part to keep Sierra Photo alive !


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